Yossarian Cole - Much Ado About the Vagus Nerve

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Yossarian Cole

The vagus nerve, collective hypomania, suicidal contagions, alcoholism, sensing sociopaths, and a whole lot more. In this talk, Yossarian discusses why we tend to do things that have unfortunate effects on our lives, how he himself has fallen in life, how he's biohacking his way to a new and improved self, and of course much more. 

Dr. Sharad Paul - Genetics, Biology, Blue Zones, and Golden Spirals

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Dr. Sharad Paul

It's a rare thing to come across a modern day renaissance man, but Dr. Sharad Paul certainly fits the bill. He is not a dilettante; he knows and commits to quite a few amazing things in life. He's an author of fiction and non-fiction (including the Genetics of Health), a Scientist, a Geneticist, an animal Biologist, a Skin Doctor, a University Teacher, a Ted Talk alumni, Blue Zone Expert, and an Entrepreneur. He also wears cool shoes.