William - From Syria to Public Pianos in Montreal



While visiting Mont Royal in Montreal, Canada, I stumbled upon a truly masterful pianist. But the story didn't stop at the masterful piano playing; William was born in Syria and has a fun and interesting story to tell regarding how he ended up in the Western World. 

Dreamers - Juan Escalante is Fighting for Other Dreamers Like Himself


Juan Escalante

Juan Escalante came to the United States when he was 11. When he found out later that he was undocumented and how much it would cost him and his family just to live, he decided to fight for change. Then DACA was introduced, and it seemed like a dream come true. Now that dream is being meddled with and shattered for almost 1 million people and will affect millions more. Curious about DACA and Dreamers? Listen to what Mr. Escalante has to say on the subject. 

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