harriet tubman

Those from the Great Beyond - Marcus Aurelius, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Robin Williams, and 11 More


Those from the Great Beyond

This episode is different. In it, you'll "hear" from 15 people who are no longer with us in the realm of the living, narrated by Jeremy Nickel. Information about the person will be presented first, then quotes (if available) will be read. 

Here are the 15: 

* Marcus Aurelius

* Harriet Tubman

* Finds Them and Kills Them

* Mirabai

* William Lloyd Garrison

* Aaron Swartz

* Amina, the Queen of Zaria

* Nelson Mandela

* Robin Williams

* Jalal-ad-Din-Muhammad Rumi

* Yaa Asentewa

* Chief Joseph

* Helen Keller

* Maya Angelou

* Charlie Chaplin