Dr. Joanne Lucas and Michael Harris II - Freedom, Equitability, and Family

Dr. Joanne Lucas and Michael Harris II

In a serendipitous meeting at a cafe in Washington D.C., I spoke with Michael Harris II, and found out that he not only had some great insight into humanity, but was the nephew of Dr. Lucas. Dr. Lucas is the daughter of Dr. Curtis W. Harris Sr. and Dr. Ruth Jones Harris, who are both fascinating figures in and of themselves (Curtis W. Harris can be seen in many a photograph with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). We talk about family, freedom, equitability, and much more in this talk. 

Zakiyyah Walker - Personal Revolution Coach for Black Women


Zakiyyah Walker

Zakiyyah Walker is a Personal Revolution Coach for Black Women. She helps Black Women get clear on what they really desire absent of societal expectations. She knows that women are tired of fighting for others and neglecting themselves.  She’s committed to helping Black Women remove their “crown of thorns” and heal from societal and generational baggage and ancestral trauma. Together, we face hard truths, break unhealthy patterns and embark on the path to your very own Personal Revolution. Visit her at LeoSeason.com  She is also the owner of the Legacy Apparel Line Joyceskid.com.

DC Discussions - 77-Year-Old Taxi Drivers, Protestors, and Museum-Goers


DC Talks

In The Shoes Of is back in business! Planned interviews will still be done, but like this episode, many in the future will be raw on the fly footage from random meetings with interesting people around the world. 

In this episode, we meet a 77-year-old taxi driver who has some wisdom regarding health and longevity, representatives from the longest protest in U.S. history, and from a mother and daughter who had just experienced the Museum of African American History and Culture. 

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