Nicholas - Live to Learn, Learn to Love, Love to Live - Music is in Everything



In Prince Edward Island, Canada, Nicholas gets real with talks about schizophrenia, the ubiquitousness of music in all things, drug and alcohol use, being a Christian, paranoia, not fitting into the standard mold of society, and how in the midst of this diorama he is a Canadian Trump supporter.  


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Yossarian Cole - Much Ado About the Vagus Nerve

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Yossarian Cole

The vagus nerve, collective hypomania, suicidal contagions, alcoholism, sensing sociopaths, and a whole lot more. In this talk, Yossarian discusses why we tend to do things that have unfortunate effects on our lives, how he himself has fallen in life, how he's biohacking his way to a new and improved self, and of course much more.