Zak Flying Around - The Modern Day Stone Mover


Zak Flying Around

Stone Movers. Ancient prayer traditions. Wandering at the age of 3 on the California coast. Zak Flying Around embodies curiosity and humility and has some great stories about his life as a stone mover. 

Relevant Links Regarding the Discussion

When did the species Homo-Habilis roam the earth? Check it out. 

Relevant Notes and Links Video

We have a video of the conversation with Zak Flying Around! However, it still needs to be produced. When it is, we’ll update the site. 

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Katherine Bennett - Buddhist Monks and the U.S. Military


Katherine Bennett

Can the US military be compared to Buddhist monks? Is there a matrix? Are there zombies among us? In this fascinating discussion, we talk about all of this and more, including a very powerful illustration of life painted with words at the end of the episode.