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In Prince Edward Island, Canada, Nicholas gets real with talks about schizophrenia, the ubiquitousness of music in all things, drug and alcohol use, being a Christian, paranoia, not fitting into the standard mold of society, and how in the midst of this diorama he is a Canadian Trump supporter.  


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Nadine Blochberger - Inspires People to Be Their Authentic Selves


Nadine Blochberger

Living in accordance with the authentic self, true communication, surrendering to life, and much more is discussed in this interview with Nadine Blochberger. 


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And what is the Art of Life itself?

Our life is a work of sacred art in progress. It cannot be dictated to us by the expectations of others. Our essence is expressed in the world through the choices we make about how we wish to live.

Christopher Moore - Author of 16 Hilarious Bestsellers

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Christopher Moore

Welcome to the world of Christopher Moore, author of 16 bestsellers. Chris has a superpower, which is being able to write stories that somehow take you completely out of your own life and world, and into one that is poignantly hilarious, emotionally vivid, authentic, and outrageous in the best sense of the word. In a world where screen celebrities are, well, celebrated, take some time to read some of his books and become a fan of someone who can introduce new worlds in your imagination.

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Amy Teets - Costumer turned UX Designer

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Amy Teets

Born in Okeana, OH, after college Amy got a job as a costumer in New York. She talks about long working days in NY, how the film industry utilizes church basements “religiously," the relationships that develop among co-workers (both good and bad), modern day misogyny, drugs and death in the midwest, and her switch from the entertainment industry to tech. 

Shintaro Shimosawa - Writer, Producer, Film Director, DJ

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Shintaro Shimosawa

is a writer, producer, film director, and always a DJ based in Los Angeles, CA. In this episode we talk about his roots in Chicago, taking risks, and truly following passions in life. Want to know what some of the best advice is that he’d received from his high school football coach? Listen to find out!

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