Those from the Great Beyond - Marcus Aurelius, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Robin Williams, and 11 More


Those from the Great Beyond

This episode is different. In it, you'll "hear" from 15 people who are no longer with us in the realm of the living, narrated by Jeremy Nickel. Information about the person will be presented first, then quotes (if available) will be read. 

Here are the 15: 

* Marcus Aurelius

* Harriet Tubman

* Finds Them and Kills Them

* Mirabai

* William Lloyd Garrison

* Aaron Swartz

* Amina, the Queen of Zaria

* Nelson Mandela

* Robin Williams

* Jalal-ad-Din-Muhammad Rumi

* Yaa Asentewa

* Chief Joseph

* Helen Keller

* Maya Angelou

* Charlie Chaplin

Nadine Blochberger - Inspires People to Be Their Authentic Selves


Nadine Blochberger

Living in accordance with the authentic self, true communication, surrendering to life, and much more is discussed in this interview with Nadine Blochberger. 


From her website at


And what is the Art of Life itself?

Our life is a work of sacred art in progress. It cannot be dictated to us by the expectations of others. Our essence is expressed in the world through the choices we make about how we wish to live.

Dr. Joanne Lucas and Michael Harris II - Freedom, Equitability, and Family

Dr. Joanne Lucas and Michael Harris II

In a serendipitous meeting at a cafe in Washington D.C., I spoke with Michael Harris II, and found out that he not only had some great insight into humanity, but was the nephew of Dr. Lucas. Dr. Lucas is the daughter of Dr. Curtis W. Harris Sr. and Dr. Ruth Jones Harris, who are both fascinating figures in and of themselves (Curtis W. Harris can be seen in many a photograph with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). We talk about family, freedom, equitability, and much more in this talk. 

Jodie Guerrero - A Triple Cancer Survivor


Jodie Guerrero

How does one stay positive after being diagnosed with cancer? Jodie Guerrero offers her advice on the subject as an expert. Why an expert? Because she’s been through it three times.


Jodie is a triple cancer survivor - a multiple medical trauma survivor and has dodged death six times



Learn more about Jodie at:

Bridget Clinch - Change the policy of a country’s army? No problem.


Bridget Clinch

Bridget Clinch was in the Australian army, and was pretty content in life with one exception: she knew she was a woman, had the body of a man, and the Australian army at the time didn’t allow transgender soldiers. 


Rather than letting the ruling policy of a nation’s armed forces deter her, she fought. Listen to the episode to gain valuable insight into Bridget’s life, how she did what she did, and moreover, how she sees life on this pale blue dot. 


Follow or get in touch with Bridget on all major social media platforms. 

Zakiyyah Walker - Personal Revolution Coach for Black Women


Zakiyyah Walker

Zakiyyah Walker is a Personal Revolution Coach for Black Women. She helps Black Women get clear on what they really desire absent of societal expectations. She knows that women are tired of fighting for others and neglecting themselves.  She’s committed to helping Black Women remove their “crown of thorns” and heal from societal and generational baggage and ancestral trauma. Together, we face hard truths, break unhealthy patterns and embark on the path to your very own Personal Revolution. Visit her at  She is also the owner of the Legacy Apparel Line

Bronwen Sciortino - Ex Stressed Out Perfectionist Offers Alternate View


Bronwen Sciortino

Stress. Sacrificing health and vitality for a job and others. Complete and utter burnout. You may be experiencing these things, and if so, listen to this episode. 


There are many who are stuck in the proverbial rat race, vying for perfection in the name of accumulating more things and titles, only to find themselves unable to function because of the high price it takes on the psyche. 


Bronwen Sciortino explains how she arrived at her breaking point, how she got out, and now works to empower others to approach life a bit differently. She is the author of the book "Keep It Super Simple" and runs the website Sheiqlife.

William - From Syria to Public Pianos in Montreal



While visiting Mont Royal in Montreal, Canada, I stumbled upon a truly masterful pianist. But the story didn't stop at the masterful piano playing; William was born in Syria and has a fun and interesting story to tell regarding how he ended up in the Western World. 

Sarrah Rose - Sexual healer working to free people all over the world.


Sarrah Rose

Sex is a fundamental aspect of the human social condition and human biology (obviously we wouldn't be here without it). Why is it still so...misunderstood, sometimes abused, feared, or associated with darkness?

Sarrah Rose works full time with those who need help with healing in the area of all things sexual. We discuss taboos, where they originate, what sexual repression can lead to, and much more. 


Check her site out at

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DC Discussions - 77-Year-Old Taxi Drivers, Protestors, and Museum-Goers


DC Talks

In The Shoes Of is back in business! Planned interviews will still be done, but like this episode, many in the future will be raw on the fly footage from random meetings with interesting people around the world. 

In this episode, we meet a 77-year-old taxi driver who has some wisdom regarding health and longevity, representatives from the longest protest in U.S. history, and from a mother and daughter who had just experienced the Museum of African American History and Culture. 

Stay tuned for a new episode every Monday. 

Christopher Moore - Author of 16 Hilarious Bestsellers

ChrisMoore_Author Photo 2015 _300r_dpi.jpg

Christopher Moore

Welcome to the world of Christopher Moore, author of 16 bestsellers. Chris has a superpower, which is being able to write stories that somehow take you completely out of your own life and world, and into one that is poignantly hilarious, emotionally vivid, authentic, and outrageous in the best sense of the word. In a world where screen celebrities are, well, celebrated, take some time to read some of his books and become a fan of someone who can introduce new worlds in your imagination.

Learn more about Chris Moore on his site

Erica Blocker - A Mom Helping Other Moms Achieve Their Dreams


Erica Blocker

Erica Blocker is a mother, side business strategist, founder of Moms With Dreams University, and fellow podcaster. In this episode, we talk about the Black Panther movement, Black culture, being a mom and all that entails, and living a life of purpose and pursuing dreams especially because you're a parent.

This conversation sparked some parallel thoughts from the incredible "Seeing White" series from Scene on Radio, which I believe should be listened to with an open mind by everyone on the globe, though especially Americans. Check it out below. 

Check out the Scene on Radio "Seeing White" Series

Check out the book Erica mentioned in the interview.

Dreamers - Juan Escalante is Fighting for Other Dreamers Like Himself


Juan Escalante

Juan Escalante came to the United States when he was 11. When he found out later that he was undocumented and how much it would cost him and his family just to live, he decided to fight for change. Then DACA was introduced, and it seemed like a dream come true. Now that dream is being meddled with and shattered for almost 1 million people and will affect millions more. Curious about DACA and Dreamers? Listen to what Mr. Escalante has to say on the subject. 

Want to learn more about Juan and what he's been up to?

Tina Russek - Working at the Los Angeles Mission

tina russek shoes.jpg

Tina Russek

In this episode, I spoke with Tina Russek, the gifts-in-kind manager at the L.A. Mission in, you guessed it, Los Angeles, CA. Tina has a background in radio, hotel catering, and sales. That is what she used to do...until she was called to work in an area of Los Angeles called Skid Row.

Relevant Links Regarding the Discussion

We have a video of the mission! Tina gave Gregg (the cameraman) and me a great tour. However, it still needs to be produced. When it is, we’ll update the site. 

Zak Flying Around - The Modern Day Stone Mover


Zak Flying Around

Stone Movers. Ancient prayer traditions. Wandering at the age of 3 on the California coast. Zak Flying Around embodies curiosity and humility and has some great stories about his life as a stone mover. 

Relevant Links Regarding the Discussion

When did the species Homo-Habilis roam the earth? Check it out. 

Relevant Notes and Links Video

We have a video of the conversation with Zak Flying Around! However, it still needs to be produced. When it is, we’ll update the site. 

Email Zak at

Amy Teets - Costumer turned UX Designer

amy teets.jpg

Amy Teets

Born in Okeana, OH, after college Amy got a job as a costumer in New York. She talks about long working days in NY, how the film industry utilizes church basements “religiously," the relationships that develop among co-workers (both good and bad), modern day misogyny, drugs and death in the midwest, and her switch from the entertainment industry to tech. 

Yossarian Cole - Much Ado About the Vagus Nerve

yossarian cole.JPG

Yossarian Cole

The vagus nerve, collective hypomania, suicidal contagions, alcoholism, sensing sociopaths, and a whole lot more. In this talk, Yossarian discusses why we tend to do things that have unfortunate effects on our lives, how he himself has fallen in life, how he's biohacking his way to a new and improved self, and of course much more. 

Dr. Abdullah Kudrath - Muslim ER Doctor in Houston, TX

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 8.46.52 PM.png

Dr. Abdullah Kudrath

He’s an Emergency Room doctor, a Muslim, and hails from Guyana. Dr. Kudrath addresses the current political polarization in the States and abroad in perhaps the most open and diplomatic way imaginable. We talk about curiosity, the importance of seeing life from other's perspectives, and overall just living life fully.

Want to get in touch with or have a question for Doctor Kudrath? here’s the website:

Aida Vazin - Iran to Sweden to the U.S.A., Counselor with Answers

aidavazin shoes.jpg

Aida Vazin

A marriage and family counselor in Newport Beach, CA, Aida Vazin has an incredible story. She was born in Iran, fled from war with her family to Sweden, then ended up in the U.S. In this episode, we talk about physical memory, mythology, religion, holistic psychology, and many other topics. 


One question that was asked of Aida was what she thought drove people to commit atrocious acts of mass murder, and her answer was very different from what was expected. 


If you've ever wondered why some people decide to do heinous acts like shooting people en masse, she has an answer, though it may not be what you’re expecting.